EJ Moyle LLP

Our firm was founded in 1971 by Eric Moyle under the name of “E.J. Moyle & Co”.  Initially, Mr Moyle practised from his own home but within a few months he had acquired premises in Rustington and the first proper office of the firm was in operation.

It became increasingly evident that he would also need premises in Littlehampton as well as assistance with servicing clientele and in 1973 Martin White joined him as his assistant solicitor, subsequently becoming his partner in 1979.  Also in 1973 the opportunity arose to purchase former bank premises which have now become our main office in Beach Road, Littlehampton.

The following year Tim Pitt joined as Eric Moyle’s clerk.  With a mounting caseload, the firm soon needed another solicitor and in 1975 Tony Jones joined as an assistant solicitor and subsequently became the firm’s third partner in 1982.  The need for a proper Litigation Department soon became apparent and in 1985 Alan Hodges agreed to amalgamate his firm Messrs Jackson & Hodges (founded in 1943), with ours.

In 1990 the firm’s name changed slightly to “E.J. Moyle” and in October of that year Eric Moyle retired from the partnership.  Later in 1998 Alan Hodges also retired.  Mike Kemp, having joined the firm as an assistant solicitor to head the Litigation Department, became a partner in 2002 to join Martin White, Tony Jones and Tim Pitt.

During 2008 Nadine Byrnes who had joined the firm in 1999, became the firm’s fifth partner heading the Family Department.

At the end of 2009 Tony Jones retired from the firm leaving Martin White, Tim Pitt, Mike Kemp and Nadine Byrnes as the Partners.

On 1st May 2014 the firm transferred from a partnership to a Limited Liability Partnership and the four Partners became Members.

Over the years the firm has adapted to the wishes of its clients and is now able to offer advice and assistance on all types of legal work and has the benefit of a legal aid franchise contract in Family Law, Housing and Personal Injury.

In October 2015 Martin White left the firm leaving Tim Pitt, Mike Kemp and Nadine Byrnes as the Partners/Members.

Sadly in November 2017 Nadine Byrnes passed away.

On 1st May 2018 Sharon Lyon became a partner heading the Family Department and Sophie Careless-Shore also became a partner.

Mike Kemp retired as a partner in August 2018 and is now a Consultant with the firm.

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